Veronica, age 18, NYC

Tatyana is a magical being like no other. As my mentor of the visual arts, she helped me break through my self-induced mental barriers and showed me what true creative freedom was. Even three years later, Tatyana exudes kindness and encouragement as she consistently makes an effort to maintain our relationship. She frequently creates and documents content of her work on social media, and is a true model of dedication. Her commitment to her practice continues to inspire me. Although I am no longer under her apprenticeship, Tatyana will always be one to thank for how I became the artist and creative thinker that I am today. She is profound, passionate and, truly, a force to be reckoned with


Nick Centore, age 28, Philadelphia

As a free-lance videographer & filmmaker I have the opportunity to meet and work with creatives all over the world from all walks of life and Tatyana is still one of the most radiant, unique individuals I’ve gotten to know yet. In our initial introduction she fearlessly approached me as a stranger on the street because she liked the Shepard Fairey design on my t-shirt. From that point on I could tell she approached every element of life and job/project she takes on with that much curiosity and courage. Fast-forward 7 years to our post-college graduation lives, living in different parts of the country, I wanted to take a photography-oriented trip to Death Valley and Joshua Tree. Tatyana was one of two other collaborators on the road trip with me and we averaged 7 photo shoots in different locations a day. This turned into the “Devil’s Cornbread & the Dusty Divas” which is a long-term multi-platform narrative project. 


Taziana, age 20, Sicily

Taty could easily represent a true inspiration for me. She's someone who chose to make of art a fundamental pillar of her life. Ready to accept art in her life in all its shapes and representations. We began talking when I messaged her over Instagram, and through our conversations I realized that what I appreciate most about her is her determination, through which she made of art not only a passion but also a job. And she made of this passion/job something that can make her really happy,  connected to the world, and connected to herself. She often talks about art like magic, like a magic linking between all the things, and between herself and the world. I really love that she wants to include other people in this magic, by helping them realize they can also express themselves through art, in order to feel better, more connected with everything that surrounds them. Sometimes people think they are not able to do that, and that's why Taty is important! She can really help people. She helped me, even just talking, so I do believe she can make people feel that magic, make art and feel better with themselves.