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New Moon Creative

Where creativity and intuition meet manifestation.

New moons are the perfect time for fresh beginnings and setting goals.  My intention with New Moon Creative is to invoke that very same energy, helping creatives remember that they can start anything at anytime. Where have you been struggling? What cycles have you been caught up in?

 Let me remind you: You are an utterly divine, creative being and you are meant to live your dreams.


blending art + magic to manifest your most creative life

 Hi! Thanks so much for getting this far. I offer two services at the moment:

The first is a creative coaching service called New Moon Creative, and the second is an Intuitive Painting experience where I use Reiki and personal channeling work to co-create a piece of art specifically for you. Continue reading to learn more and follow the links to the individual pages!

xo, Taty

 Intuitive Painting

healing through color + energy

I have always found that one of the best ways to connect to our roots, our blocks, and our potential is through color. We work with color daily, even on a subconscious level.- through the clothing we are drawn to, the food we eat, things we chose to surround ourselves with. Combining my intuitive understanding of healing through color with my knowledge and practice of Reiki, I work with a variety of techniques in a 50 minute session ranging from hands-on Reiki and aura work to intuitive card drawing to customize your experience and let whatever needs to come up come up. Then, based on what it is that was most prominent during our session as far as blocks that need clearing or ideals that want strengthening, I create a painting specific to what needs support.

50 minute Reiki Healing session + Channeled Painting




Working with me, you will feel supported and seen.  

My approach is very intuitive; I am almost always able to look at someone's art- be it a labored piece or a scribble -and read it like a card. I can tell if you are structured and like clean spaces or if you prefer the freedom of chaos. Just based on how tightly you hold your pen, I can tell if you need to be in control or if you are open to an organic flow. Funny thing is that no matter what age, your core doesn't change, and in this way I feel like I can see through your art and right to the soul of your inner child. That place of pure light. This is exactly where we work from.

This kind of intuitive reading helps me structure each program specifically to the needs of my clients by providing the tools they need to strengthen their internal and external practice. Also; while I do reference artists in this write up, I work with creatives of all types - anybody who is looking to reawaken their fluid approach of co-creating with the Universe.

Together we work through what it is that you need to get to the next level- be it structure and discipline or breaking the shell of a guarded heart, letting it explode with color. We find the core of your practice -the thing that makes your heart beat with curiosity - and begin our work. We keep the momentum high on your productivity and bust through any energetic blocks that may be surrounding it, prohibiting you from stepping into your full artistic voice and power. The time is now. You are worth it.