Why New Moon Creative?

Originally published via Wordpress June 27, 2018.

It might seem like an ironic time to talk about this, considering there is actually going to be a full moon tonight, but on the contrary full moons are the perfect time for bringing plans to fruition and manifestation. And that is exactly what I plan on doing with this. Hence, I've decided that it is also the perfect time to share with you my intention behind this blog and the corresponding program that I am launching this Full Moon.

So, back to New Moons. New moons are the perfect time for fresh beginnings and setting goals.  My intention with New Moon Creative is to invoke that very same energy, helping artists realize that they can start anything at anytime. Where have you been struggling? What cycles have you been caught up in? Let me remind you: You are an utterly divine, creative being and you are meant to live your dreams.

When I worked with the talented McKeely Creative branding agency earlier this year, the focus was to create a brand structure where I could finally funnel all of the many things I do from painting to collaging to modeling to creative direction  into one streamlined platform. Since then, however, my path has led me to a place I never expected but turns out had been there all along. After investing in myself yet again, this time through a powerful one-on-one coaching program with Shawn Engel, founder of Witchy Wisdoms, I realized that beyond just creative direction, the backbone of my deepest artistic passion is human connection and unearthing that creative spark in others.

Suddenly this explained why  I could never focus on just painting or fibers or shooting, but could talk endlessly about art and just about any body of work that someone put in front of me. I would gush, critique, evaluate strengths, things that can be worked on, and give input on where I see the project going while also what art historical schools of thought I could see were intentionally or subconsciously being tapped into. I would always feel so alive and energized afterwards, and I could feel that the other person felt the same way.

I realized that what I want is not to just work with other creatives in making bigger projects come to life (though this is certainly a passion also), but what I truly need to do is help other struggling artists (see last post) find their voice and realign with their power. I want to find that spark and cultivate it into a powerful fire, and through an intentional approach of encouragement, deep personal work, and collaborative effort, guide others to manifest their wildest creative dreams. I want to help artists who are stuck on their path and need just a little push in the right direction to get back to work.

This vibrates with me on so many levels, both creatively and emotionally, because I've been there. I've been stubborn and I've been stuck.  And yes, part of the process is figuring out how to unstick yourself and problem-solve. Definitely. But sometimes, we need support, and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help when you need it. Had I not taken the route I did and invested in myself, I would still be where I was a year ago- prideful, confused, and quite frankly all over the place yet still thinking "I can do it myself." Sure, I probably would have figured it out eventually, but it would have taken a hell of a lot longer.

I think what it goes back to is that everybody has a highly personalized and unique set of gifts, and sometimes that one last tool you need might just be in someone else's wheelhouse. So this is why I want to bring you New Moon Creative:

where encouragement and collaboration meet manifestation 

Through this program, I will be offering Creative Coaching for artists as well as Art Direction for creatives who need a visual element added to their own brand or project.

Through the Creative Coaching program, I want to get to the core of why it is we are passionate about creating, and provide the tools you need for both getting back to a flourishing studio practice as well as practical formulas for creating supporting information about your art so that you can confidently take your work anywhere you want it to go- be is residency applications, showing opportunities, or art features in publications.

With the Art Direction sector, I work directly with you to co-construct your project from the ground up, providing support every part of the way be it through concept and character development, planning and styling, brand identity, media kit creation, and a very specific timeline for completion so that your project will stay on track and your goals will be met.

So do yourself a solid, and INVEST. This doesn't have to be with me. But let this get you thinking about where you are, where you want to be, and why you think you haven't gotten there yet. Because let me tell you- pride doesn't pay the bills, and being stubborn keeps us stuck. But beyond all of that, you are SO. WORTH IT. In fact, nobody is more worth taking a chance on than you.

xo, Taty


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