Creative Coaching

 You are an utterly divine, creative being and you are meant to live your dreams.


There’s a reason you’re on this path. You’ve been waiting for someone to remind you, to kick you into gear and help you remember how to step into the power and talent you have for whatever reason separated yourself from. If this is you, let’s talk. There’s no need to keep waiting for that perfect moment because that moment is here. 

Here's where I come in:

As a Reiki II certified art instructor, my job is integration: merging what's visible and what isn’t, seeing beneath the surface to recognize your fears and talents, and navigating both to bring your best side back to light. Why is art important? What do the arts give us that we can’t get anywhere else? Is it a special communication? A portal? Maybe it's finding the bizarre in the everyday and the magic in the bizarre. New Moon Creative is about finding your Truth, working through those personal blocks that keep you trapped, and turning the focus on what it is you want to Say.

Reiki is all about tapping into the absurd amount of energy of the Universe and simply working with it through the openness of your own heart. It's about expanding to new spaces within yourself you didn't know you had. Working with me, you will get a feel for what this energy can mean to you, where it can take you within your art journey, and how you can show up just as your are to claim your own Divine Magic.

To be honest, everything is magic. But you already know this; that’s why you’re here. Because that part inside of you won’t die, no matter how deeply its buried or how long you've ignored it. You have a story inside that you are itching to tell, and you are ready to take your direction to the next level. I’m here to help. 

New Moon Creative Coaching


7-week Creative Intensive ~ $1,881

Over the 7-Week Creative Intensive, I will teach you how to approach your practice with an open, accepting, yet constructively critical attitude. Throughout the program, our work together will enable you to not only dig deeper into the core of your art but give you the tools you need to begin connecting with other people and platforms in an honest and aligned way. Here's what this program looks like:

  • 1.5 hours of 1:1 meeting time each week (conducted via What's App video call, Skype, or Zoom)
  • Complete portfolio review and discussion + artist statement and bio development
  • Evaluation of Fears + Blocks surrounding your practice: Where are you now?
  • Visualization and Play: Leaning into the Absurd, the Divine, and your Imagination 
  • The Art of Channeling: Trusting your Intuition
  • Critique, Critique, Critique! The best way to grow and learn how to move through your various ideas + styles 
  • Noticing the Signs: Opening up + getting hyper sensitive to what's going on around you while maintaining Boundaries
  • The Place of Art in the World: Where do you fit? Where do you want to be?
  • Integration: Aligning your external presence with your internal energy + where to go next

Each week will come with specific exercises to get you to new levels within your art making practice, as well as concept development + idea exploration and unlimited access to me via email and/or text. During our time working together, I will also always be available via email to provide a critical eye and feedback for anything you wish to submit. This includes portfolio review, statement and bio review+editing, and overall evaluation of written + visual content.  

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Art + Magic Introductory Session ~ $200

If you are curious about unlocking the portal to your inner magic but hesitant about a big financial commitment, this Art + Magic Introductory Session is the perfect taste of what the program would look like but on a smaller scale. It will allow you to peer into the hidden depths of the energy surrounding your practice, and provide you with the tools you need to articulate who you are as an artist and polish your presence. This crash session entails a 90 Minute video call during which I will go over the practice of magic as it applies to art-making, discuss a particular piece (or pieces) of work that you chose to bring to this session, and conduct a channeled evaluation of your strengths and blocks. We will discuss how you specifically draw from all of your strengths and inspirations, and how you can activate the root of your creative practice to unlock all of your artistic potential. A lot of work can get done within this time; you just need to show up prepared and ready to do it. 

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