intuitive painting: healing through color

50 minute Reiki Healing session + Channelled Painting

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 Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt a sense of calm or joy flood your being?

Maybe you've seen or heard something and immediately felt like you've been there before. You couldn't quite put your finger on it, but something resonated- like a dreamy deja vous.

What you experienced is the true magic behind Art. Every single thing in the Universe carries a frequency of living energy, and the energy within that specific piece just happened to connect on some higher level with the energy in you. The result of this connection is a very visceral, often overwhelmingly magical reaction.

All of us have this creative energy within us just waiting to be ignited by something Divine.

  • With these Intuitive Painting + Healing Sessions, I offer a package deal of a two hour Reiki healing session which includes a 50 minute hands on (or distance via video call) healing with the remaining hour and ten minutes being put into a corresponding painting channeled to your healing process. These paintings are very specific to your needs. Think of it as a piece of yourself that is in continuous conversation with you, sharing energy with you, healing you. Since these works will be channeled through our session together, they will forever carry the energy of your healing process and continue to do their work for as long as you need them to. 

As a Reiki II certified healer and artist, I am dedicated to tuning in and connecting to your needs beneath the surface, getting to the root of what ails you, and infusing this healing energy into a work of art so that you can begin to engage and re-engage into an ongoing healing process with whatever it is you need. 

My goal is to break down the energetic walls you've put around yourself and help you realign with your inner Truth. And because these pieces are one of a kind and highly personalized through the process of my working with you, I am offering a limited amount of spots each month.

Below is a list of sizes and flat rates available: 

$250 -  50 minute Reiki + 16" x 20" canvas (standard)

$500 - 50 minute Reiki healing + 24" x 36" canvas (medium)*

*Any size larger is available upon request.