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Tatyana Grechina is a creative coach helping artists get back to work.


As a multidisciplinary artist, a primary interest of mine has always been the integral connection between all of the arts. I get an electric buzz from seeing talented people doing their thing and watching them be consumed by the love for their craft. It is an undeniable energy, and part of why I believe so strongly in the connection between all forms of creation. As artists, it is nearly impossible to make good work in a vacuum. It can be done, sure, but the exchange of energy, critique, culture and community is one of the most vital elements to making work that carries a frequency beyond that of one's recycled thoughts, views, and fears. Along with community, it is also necessary to develop an unshakable trust in yourself and believe that what you are doing has purpose and carries value. There is a reason you are drawn to this. There is a reason you have always done it. This is why I make it my mission to teach artists how to reconnect to themselves in order to break through barriers and manifest their most aligned, creative life.  Let's begin


New Moon Creative

blending art + magic to manifest your most creative Life

Discover your full artistic potential through a 7 week 1:1 coaching intensive with Tatyana where we bust through blocks surrounding your practice, get to the heart of what drives you, and unlock your full potential.

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the intuitive painting experience

Healing Through Color- limited spots available

 intuitively creating a custom painting based on A REIKI HEALING SESSION